About Us

Axact Capital is based in Orange County, CA with the ability to facilitate transactions throughout the U.S.  We cater to the unbankable businesses looking for: equipment financing, working capital, lines of credit, growth loans, unsecured loans, and real estate funding.

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Our History & Experience

We're former bankers, lenders, "finance guys" that have cold called, cold walked, referred in, and found deals every which way you can imagine.  We've chased our tail and went down rabbit holes on too many deals to count.

We have experience in deals of all shapes and sizes including:

  • Working capital and Expansion Loans

  • Equipment Financing and Equipment Leasing

  • Real Estate purchasing and cash out refis

  • Lines of credit

  • Unsecured short term loans

  • Bridge Financing

Why Choose Axact?

We'll take the borrower from point A to point B faster than any other source out there.  The folks at Axact know the market for small to medium business lending better than anyone out there.  We work with a number of bankers and lenders that refer their clients to us because we make it simple, we execute, and they can trust that we'll take care of their clients.

Want to get started?

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