3 Elements You Want In An Equipment Financing Firm

Not only do you have many options to get your equipment financing done you also have many equipment financing companies willing to talk to you.  Over two-thirds of companies today lease equipment due to tax benefits, conservation of cash and preserving existing bank credit lines.  So, how do pick the right firm?  Here’s three leading indicators…

Reputation- Any equipment financing and leasing firm worth talking to should have customers they are willing to let you speak with who can verify the customer service, processing times, and whatever is most important to you.  The internet has empowered customers to find a plethora of information on people and companies before ever having to   take a blind leap of faith.

Experience- How long has the equipment leasing company been around? How long has the person I’m talking to been doing equipment leasing and/or equipment financing?  Can I verify information they’re telling me on LinkedIn or another site on the web?  Many equipment leasing firms hire inexperienced recent college grads little to no real life business acumen.  With a few quick clicks you should have a good indication of whether or not the person on the other end of the phone has what it takes to be a partner in business future.

Results-  Turnaround times.  Advisor responsiveness.  Clutch performance. Avoid unexpected situations by asking questions around these factors.  Finding out how long it takes to get your equipment financed, the accessibility you have to your equipment financing company contact and an example of when the company was able to get funding for an unorthodox situation due to credit or equipment type will give you a good perspective on what the company can do for you.

We hope this helps you select the right equipment financing and equipment leasing company for you.  If you’re ready to get a quote please complete the form here and we’ll be happy to speak with you https://axactcapital.com/commercial-capital/get-a-free-quote/

Bill Miller