How To Pay Your Business Taxes With a Working Capital Loan

It’s that time of year again.  Uncle Sam is looking for his money and with today’s economic uncertainty it has many business owners and executives reluctant to give up cash that can otherwise be used as working capital.  The IRS is looking at business tax returns with a microscope this year as they look for unpaid taxes to cover the government’s spending problem.

Don’t fret.  There are short term (no longer than 12 months) lending instruments that can cover you without taking equity in your company and without placing burdensome covenants on the business.  Merchant cash advances or royalty based lending are two examples of how you can get cash to cover your tax payment or anything else you’d like money for: marketing, payroll, tenant improvements, credit card consolidation, etc.  These programs offer flexibility that most bank financing or other debt and equity type borrowing don’t offer.

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Bill Miller